Group members: Natalie Manu, Pierre-Olivier Lebon, Lisa Kajue, Natasha Minto

Present: All

Absent: None

Campaign issue:

Young people and the voting system (Young People and Politics)

Aim of campaign:

To inform and persuade young people ages between 16 and 18 years about the importance of voting.

Key message of campaign:

Your vote will make a difference

Target of campaign:

Young people aged between 16 and 18 years of age

People and groups to support key message:

  • Local MP/Politican
  • Young people

Actions and tactics to achieve aim:

  • Leaflets for the campaign
  • Using social networking sites
  • Interacting with young people in school/college and supplying them with information

Resources needed:

  • Computer/Computer software
  • Paper, pen, etc
  • Printer
  • Transport

Roles for this week:

Natalie - Contact a school/college and MP

Olivier - Planning design for leaflet

Lisa - Research relating to our topic for campaign

Natasha - Contact a school/Sixth form