Minutes for Young people and politics group

Meeting 1 – 1st February 2011

Present: Shoshana, Kate, Thandiwe, Pari, Elliot, Samuel

Apologies: Tim

Key Discussion Points and Decisions:

· All agreed to campaign on implementing politics lessons within secondary school education

· Decided upon a longterm campaign

· All agreed to target schools within the local area

· Allocated each member a task:

o Organise strategy and time plan (Samuel)
o Campaign aims (Elliot)
o Research target groups/people for support (Shoshana)
o Identify target audience (Pari)
o Identify issues concerning aims of the campaign(Kate)
o Decide upon actions which will be used in strategy (Thandiwe)

· Discussed how to convince audience

o Offer projects in schools
o Talks with students
o More library books on politics

Other notes: Tim will be assigned a task next week

Next week’s meeting agenda:

· Decide how we will communicate with our audience

· Group Name

· Allocate more detailed tasks (including contacting target and support groups)

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