URIEL ROTH MDX 15:08, March 21, 2011 (UTC)Meeting took place on: Tuesday, 25th of January

from 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm

In Attendance :

Natalia Hopej, Uriel Roth, Sandra Glab, Matthew Miles, Hakan Remzi

Points discussed :

  • Campaign issue - Young people in politics.
  • Aim of campaign - To get young people motivated to vote.
  • Key message of campaign - Raising political awereness and to make young people interested in politics.
  • Target of campaign - Young people between 16-30.
  • People and groups to support - Electoral Reform Society, MPs, politically aware young people, a celebrity or key public figure.
  • Actions and tactics to achieve aim - Support campaign for electoral reform, viral video, try and lobby education ministry, speak to schools, write letters to education secretary, write to a celebrity or public figure to help gain our campaign gravity, do some research and surveys on young people involved in politics, create a facebook group/page.
  • Resources needed :
  1. Research on Statistics - Uriel
  2. Research on Campaign Strategies - Hakan
  3. Research on Political Parties Introduction and Established 'Youth in Politics' campaigns or iniatives - Matt
  4. Research on Voting Reform - Natalia
  5. Getting contact emails/numbers for potentional supporters and Research on Tuition fees and education cuts - Sandra

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