What are Minutes?Edit

Minutes have little to do with time, they are simply a record of your meeting. You just need to keep note of who was there, what was discussed and who agreed to do what and by when. You then sign the minutes to say you agree that they are accurate (not necessarily that you agree with the content of what was said, just that the minutes are true).

How to upload your minutes and signEdit

This is just a suggestion for how you can do it - you can do it other ways if you desire.

  • Go to your group page
  • Click edit
  • (For the first week, make a new heading towards the bottom of the page called “Minutes” – set it to Heading 2)
  • Make a new page called “[My unique group name]Minutes Week 14” - basically make sure you make a unique page when you do this
  • Write your minutes up
  • Sign them using the signature function
  • Make sure everyone in the group signs them too
  • Do this every week