TAG (Transform a Generation) is a charity/ program which was set up to help young adults, age 18 – 24 which struggle to gain a job or have limited amount of qualification, to gain a career in the fitness industry.

TAG has many partners to help them push their charity forward:

  • FIA (Fitness Industry Association) - The Fitness Industry Association is the fitness industry trade body which represents all the organizations within the health and fitness industry. The Fitness Industry Association represent over 2,800 private and public fitness industry.

  • The DKH Legacy Trust – The DKH Legacy Trust helps to develop skills, support and inspire young people to give their full potential in sport.

  • My Generation – My Generation is a charity that helps and work with young people to get them out of poverty, crime and ill-health.

  • The Broadwater Community farm – This charity works with TAGS and ensures that young people get a chance to participate in the TAG charity.

Below is a link of their employed partners

There are thousands of young people out of work every year. This may be because they struggle to find work because they have no qualification or have the qualification but no work experience. The Tree Huggers feel we could help TAG by making young adults aware of this charity. Tag could help us by giving young people a chance to gain a qualification as well as a career.

RochelleJacksonMDX 14:25, February 23, 2011 (UTC)