Higher Knife Crime Sentence

Week Three Minutes:

Originally was planned to take place in our seminar on Tuesday 15th February 2011, however, only Keely McAlester, Sam Pritchard and Matt Crennel turned up. Apologies were given to Keely by Pani Apostolou as he had family matters.

Also Leanne Goldsbury emailed Keely McAlester an apology for not attending this session via Facebook - which was sent AFTER the Thursday meeting had happened, due to also having family and personal matters; Which the university administrators are aware of.

However, Sarah Scaife and Lottie Griffiths did not turn up and didn't contact anyone. The meeting was then re-arranged for Thursday 17th February 2011 at 12.30pm in the Student Union on Trent Park, however, after waiting 15 minutes only Keely McAlester and Sarah Scaife turned up.

This is unacceptable as when this time slot was decided both Sam Pritchard and Matt Crennel said that they were both free to come in and to take part. The group were all told about this meeting via facebook emails as we all check it regularly. The only person who sent apologies for not turning up was Pani Apostolou who emailed Keely McAlester his information.

Apologies: Leanne Goldsbury - I was not notified for this meeting. I did not get contacted via email or consultants. I was told the morning of the meeting by Sarah Scaife, but I was unavailable to attend. I have not been in for these three weeks, due to personal family problems. The university: counsellers, programme leader, and attendance guidance all know for my reasons being absent!


  • Dossier needs to be completed and sent to Matt Crennel and then onto Keely McAlester
  • Questionnaire needs to be sent to everyone by Lottie Griffiths (this was meant to be completed last week, however, we are still waiting).
  • Facebook needs to suggested to everyones friends and posted onto everyones status to get more people following the campaign, as so far we only have 13 followers who are all Keelys friends.

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