Higher Knife Crime Sentence

Meeting 6 - Tuesday 15th March 2011

Time: 3.30pm-4.30pm

We re-arranged the timing of meeting as we wanted to go on a computer to start and complete our PowerPoint presentation that will be used when present our campaign to the lecture hall.

Present: Keely McAlester, Matt Crennel, Sarah Scaife, Lottie Griffiths, Pani Apostolou

Absent: Sam Pritchard, Leanne Goldbury

Key Points & Discussions:

  • Everyone who turned up had names on indivdual petitions that will continue to grow.
  • Sarah had brought a copy of her letter that she had written to local MP David Burrowes, we are still waiting on a response

For Next Week:

  • Everyone: Get more names added to the petition, both on facebook and on paper.
  • Matt: Finish powerpoint, making it more appealing etc.
  • Dossier needs to be completed, as we are still waiting on Sam's part of it
  • Contact MP David Burrowes and local community centres again to see if we can get any head way on getting a meeting with one or both of them

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