Higher Knife Crime Sentence

Meeting 1 - 1st February 2011

Time: 5:30pm-6:30pm

Present: Matt Crennel, Keely McAlester, Pani Apostolou, Lottie Griffiths, Sam Pritchard and Sarah Scaife

Apologies: Leanne Goldsbury

First, we briefly discussed a series of campaign ideas as a group. These also included an idea for a slogan that could be used to enhance the campaign.

Examples include:

  • Binge drinking: know your limits
  • Stop and search: is it really necessary?
  • Knife crime: drop the knife, get a life
  • University fees: be aware of debt

We then decided that we would use the idea for a knife crime campaign. We addressed the key point of our campaign as being that the government is not tough enough on knife crime, and that many criminals guilty of it are not punished in the right way. We also listed a number of methods that could be used in order to achieve our aim:

  • Interviewing people about the issue
  • Petition for the government to toughen up on knife crime laws
  • Creating relevant pages on social networking sites

Elsewhere, we decided that we would contact with various anti-knife crime groups to gain insight in how to design and execute an effective campaign

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