Higher Knife Crime Sentence

Tuesday 22nd February 2011, 5:30pm-6:30pm

Present: Pani Apostolou, Keely McAlester, Sarah Scaife and Matt Crennell

Apologies: Leanne Goldsbury had to return to he hometown, Birmingham as a family emergency. However, due to missing the session, she still contributed to the group, by advertise the 'Higher Knife Crime' campaign, via facebook. The campaign had 17 followers, and due to her advertising and pleading people to join the group, the campain increased a vast amount.

As the last meeting before Reading Week, this was simply a case of laying down what we intended to do over the break.

Following on from the previous week, all but two of the dossier sections were completed and sent to myself and Keely to be proofread.

A questionnaire was also completed and handed out by Lottie, from which we will structure the basis of our campaign interviews.

We then decided on a number of tasks that we intended to complete over Reading Week. Firstly, we need to find out how many signatures we will need for our petition to be recognised (and start collecting them over Reading Week), as well as looking into contacting the MP for our local constituency. To make sure our campaign is as public and recognised as possible, we will also need to continue promoting it in as many ways as possible. While continuing to promote it on Facebook and other social networking websites, we will look at other promotional materials such as posters and flyers.

Elsewhere, there will be the usual research tasks, like reading newspapers and finding articles on knife crime to support our case.

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