Higher Knife Crime Sentence

Monday 28th March 2011, 2.00pm-2.30pm

Present: Pani Apostolou, Keely McAlester, Sarah Scaife and Matt Crennell

Absent: Lottie Griffiths, Sam Pritchard and Leanne Goldsbury

This was a meeting arranged through Facebook to get together to arrange the presentation that was happening on the same day.

Originally was planned to start at 2.30pm as our presentation wasn't until 2.50pm, however, Matt found out earlier in the day that we had to be in the lecture hall for 2.30pm for that set session so a facebook message was sent out to everyone by Matt to meet at 2.00pm.

However, only Matt and Keely turned up at 2.00pm and quickly ran through the presentation editing slides and making it run smoother.

Pani joined Matt and Keely at 2.30pm on their way to the presentation and later Sarah came to the lecture hall in time for our presentation which went well.

The group has not heard anything from Sam Pritchard for numerous weeks now, even though he has been contacted through Facebook and emails.We are still wating on his part of the Dossier, which is annoying as we will now be starting our reports on the campaign and he had some vital information that all of the group would've benefited from.

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