MCS1000: Breast Cancer Campaign

Meeting Minutes

9th March 2011


As agreed we met earlier than usual to discuss exactly how we are going to get our campaign moving in the right direction. every put in some very thoughtful ideas and again we are all extremely pleased with how things are going.


Ana Ayala (AL) Joanna Eluka (JE) Sharon Legae (SL) Maurhys Phillips (MP) Natalie Christodoulou (NC), Sasha Manley (SM)


Joanna- I’m in agreement with putting posters up

  • Joanna- buy cupcakes put own pink icing and design bra
  • Joanna- not sure about ‘name your boobs’ not appropriate
  • Natalie- yes i agree
  • Joanna-people having issues about bras, not happy about them being beaded and decorated, it is taking the focus of the main issue which is breast cancer, so Sharon and maurhys agreed they should be plain pink. We need to be in sync.
  • Natalie- everyone needs to be here so we can come to some sort of agreement
  • Joanna- so we have issues about being uniform and in sync, but it is up to the people who do are not in agreement to discuss the pink bra issue
  • Joanna- we should try all meet up for the next meeting
  • Natalie- mauryhs should communicate the presentation asap, so we all know where we stand and what we are going to say
  • Natalie- how long is the presentation going to be?
  • Joanna- I heard something crazy like two minutes, who knows how long?

To do list:

  • meet up in a group
  • disucss where we are in terms of research
  • discuss any querys with other members

THE NEXT MEETING FOR MINUTES WILL BE NEXT MONDAY 21st at 1:30PM outside bevan hall building lecture hall

meeting adjourned

Nataliec 15:33, March 15, 2011 (UTC)

MaurhysPhillips 15:31, March 15, 2011 (UTC)

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