MCS1000: Breast Cancer Campaign

Meeting Minutes

9th March 2011


As agreed we met earlier than usual to discuss exactly how we are going to get our campaign moving in the right direction. every put in some very thoughtful ideas and again we are all extremely pleased with how things are going.


Ana Ayala (AL) Joanna Eluka (JE) Sharon Legae (SL) Maurhys Phillips (MP) Natalie Christodoulou (NC), Sasha Manley (SM)

Assignments for the next meeting:

  • Statistics on the campaign (Venetia)
  • History of breast cancer (Maurhys)
  • Feature (Venetia)
  • Medication prescribed for breast cancer (Sasha)
  • What type of councelling and advice breast cancer patients recieve (Ana)
  • Look at over campaign groups who are involved with breast cancer awareness (Joanne)
  • Overall research on the campaign (Sharon)


Meeting took place in the Library (Trent Park Campus)

Next Meeting date:

Monday 14th March @ 1pm in the Library (Middlesex uni, Trent park campus)

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