MCS1000: Breast Cancer Campaign

Meeting Minutes

7th March 2011


After a long debate on where the original campaign idea of ADHD was going. We decided to change our idea to breast cancer awareness. This is due to the fact the ADHD campaign wasn't as easy to carry out as first thought. We spent approximately an hour going through ideas for our new campaign. and came up with some excellent ideas. Which as a group we are very happy in doing. We acknowledged we now have to crack on and meet up more often to meet our deadlines as we are now at a disadvantage due to changing our idea quite late. But we are very confident we will succeed.


Ana Ayala (AL) Joanna Eluka (JE) Sharon Legae (SL) Maurhys Phillips (MP) Natalie Christodoulou (NC), Sasha Manley (SM)

Assignments for the next meeting:

  • Pink bra logo (Sasha)
  • get an appointment with a doctor to discuss in depth the causes of breast cancer. And how to treat it and create Facebook page (Sharon)
  • Feature (Venetia)
  • design leaflets (Ana & Joanne)
  • Go to UCL uni to speak to their clinic (Maurhys and Sasha)
  • Power point for presentation (Natalie)


Meeting took place in the computer room in middlesex university (Trent Park Campus)

Next Meeting date: Wednesday 9th March @ 12.30 in the library middlesex university (Trent Park Campus)

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