In attendance: Ingeborg, Liberty, Natasha C, Natasha M, Manvi, Rezina, Albertina

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Points discussed:

This week we decided to meet on Monday 28th March, instead of the usual Tuesday meeting as we had our presentation in the afternoon.

  • We went through the presentation and made sure that everyone was happy with the content.
  • Divided up the presentation so that we all had something to say.
  • Made small leaflets to hand out during the presentation.
  • Made a paper petition for people to sign during the presentation.

The presentation went well and we managed to get a few more signatures on our petition!

Actions decided:

  • Everyone to send out the letters to our Local MPs.
  • Contribute more to the wiki, we need to do some work on the dossier on the research page.
  • Get the word out about our campaign, more people to join the Facebook group.
  • Try and get people to sign either a paper petition or the online one.


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