Week 22 Minutes - Uploaded By Georgina

No formal meeting was held this week, due to presumption of everyone being at the seminar. However, only Georgina and Aleks were there, joined by Amal later. Justin has completed the film on YouTube and that is now live.

A Twitter page has been set up by Georgina. Aleks and Georgina discussed the presentation after watching other group’s campaign presentations on the Monday morning. It was decided Georgina would do the presentation and email it round to the other members of the group for their input and opinions. It was the decided the initial structure of the presentation would include:

  • Introduction of us and the campaign
  • Reasons and aim of campaign
  • Explanation of what we have done - ie. using Amelia as the model and the doctor and the heart photos
  • Show the YouTube film
  • Encourage people to join people the facebook and twitter
  • What we have achieved

Amal was assigned the task of printing the posters. Georgina has distributed them around the university campus, for example in the SU Bar to promote the campaign.

Our next task as a group once the presentation is completed, needs to be who will do what and say what in the presentation on Monday.

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