Monday 4th April

Present: Gabriele Dovidauskyte, Pierre-Olivier Lebon, Lisa Kajue, Natalie Manu and Natasha Minto.

Absent: None

During our scheduled meeting on Monday 4th April, we began planning our presentation and finalising the location of the event we decided we were going to hold.

The following points in relation to the presentation were discussed and tasks completed:

  • Arranging who was saying each section (e.g. introduction, why we chose this particular topic, target audience, facts and statistics, the talk to the young people at Exposure, strategies we decided to use to ensure our message reached our audience, etc)
  • Finalising the layout of the presentation slides on PowerPoint (checking information was correct, etc)
  • Checking we had enough leaflets and flyers to hand out

It was agreed that we would talk to young people at a youth organisation (Exposure) and distribute leaflets to them. Questionnaires and surveys were prepared ready to be handed out.

Natasha Minto 12:21, May 7, 2011 (UTC)

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