Campaign meeting on 15.03.2011 at 3.30- 4.30

People present: Katarzyna Wojtunik, Cody Mcghee, Tom Barnes, Aaron Davis, Margeri Ottis

Apologies: Ebrahim Parkar

Key points and discussion:

  • We have chosen our campaign name - it is 'Anti Gangs'.
  • We have decided on our logo.
  • We have decided on our posters and flyers and discussed about their printing. We have decided to print them our as soon as possible, when ready.
  • We discussed about improvement of our research dossier (We have decided who is going to improve each part of the dossier)
  • We have come up with an idea of t-shirts - we are going to have t-shirts with our logo promoting our campaign.
  • We discussed about the presentation and decided who is going to represent our campaign group.
  • We discussed about our questionnaries and decided to hand them out to make some statistics.

To do (urgent!) :

  • Everyone is improving the Research Dossier (each present on this meeting person got some questions to answer).
  • Aaron is creating the logo and our twitter page and finding out about their printing.
  • Tom is creating posters and flyers and finding out about their printing.
  • Margeri is printing out the questionnaries and handing them out with Cody. She is also finding out about our t-shirts.
  • Ebrahim and Margeri are representing our group on presentation.
  • Katarzyna is editing the Week 19 Minute, creating our facebook official page as well as prepairing our Power Point presentation.

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