Week 19 - Minutes 14/03/2011

In this weeks discussion we held a meeting on what needed to be done for our campaign in preperation for the upcoming presentations.

Present: Alex, Danica, Georgina and Justin

Justin's tasks:
Type up the groups minutes for this week
Make the video for our visual advertising section of the campaign, using the pictures from the photoshoot and different signs refrencing the effects of Cervical Cancer.

Dancia then decided that she would take the pictures of the signs with Cervical Cancer statistics printed on assited by Justin and Georgina the following day.

Things that need to be done:
Posters finished and uploaded to Wikia
Lise to write a small paragraph about the process of making the poster and upload it to Wikia.
Alex to upload the pictures from the previous photoshoot to Wikia and then send Justin for him to use for the video.
Signs to be photographed and then uploaded to Wikia and sent to Justin for him to use for the video.


Minutes written by Justin, uploaded by Aleksandra

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