MCS1000: ADHD Campaign

Meeting Minutes

31 January 2011


The second meeting of the ADHD campaign was called to order at 15:30 on 31/01/11 in LRC building by the group where previous reasearch was shown and discussed and continued in the mansion building.


Ana Ayala (AA) Joanna Eluka (JE) Sharon Legae (SL) Maurhys Phillips (MP) Natalie (NC) Sasha Manley

Apologies Venetia Hylton (VH)



  • 2 A. Approval of Agenda
  • 3 B. Approval of Minutes
  • 4 C. New Business
  • 5 D. Agenda for Next Meeting


A. Approval of Agenda [2]EditEdit

To discuss ideas further, and fine point targets for campaign

B. Approval of Minutes[3]EditEdit


C. New Business[4]EditEdit

Each group member presented initial research and had a brief discussion,

AA: we need to limit what it is were actually doing the subject is too broad

JE: we should go for the healthcare service

AA: because schools are only a small factor in the life of an adhd child,we should go to healthcare services, adhd orgs, some doctors. I think it is more productive to create a leaflet than flyers and posters

NC: we should utilize our social networking sites, make videos ect

SM: we need to name our campaign

MP: we could do a website with all our information

SL: ask local newspapers to publish information, and we could print ourselves

SM: you could get it printed cheaper elsewhere

MP: we should put our site on the leaflets so that people, can go online

SM: we need to create a brand, the same colours and logos,in all material

NC: we can fundraise by selling little cakes

SL: and that can fund our expenses…

MP…Okay so whats our name

AA: building our future in a different way

JE: hear and aware

MP: we should just use adhd and then the slogan, because we don’t want to get away from the point.

NC: it has to make sense

Group agree on Hear and Aware

MP: bright fonts

SL: Child like font

SM: you don’t want to loose the seriousness

AA: a flash would be good

JE: Slogan

NC: the future of adhd is here

SM: do you know what your giving to your kids?

SL: more dramatic, with the word drugs… like would you drug your kids


SL: We should do an Ad

JE Fundage

SM: would you give him cocaine or speed,

SL: that’s good cos ppl would think its about drugs

JE: two packet, what would you choose

SL: Speed on prescription

MP: what is going into these drugs

SM: we have to summarise what it is and what it contains

AA: your doctor is your dealer…

NC: What do we need Group

  • Money
  • Computers
  • Flyers
  • Information
  • Websites
  • Access to professionals
  • Books and articles

=Advertising =

D. Agenda for Next Meeting [5]EditEdit

SL: Facebook Group

ALL: Logo Ideas

AA: Website

MP:Article For Site

SM: Minutes

NC: email campaign outline


Meeting was adjourned at 17:30. The next general meeting will be at 15:30 on 07/02/11 in .

Minutes submitted by: Sasha Manley

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