Week 19 Minutes

Who attended meeting: Egija, Arthur, Rochelle and Jason

Members who were unable to attend: Kadilan and Ali

What we discussed:

In this week meeting the group came up with a new name for the campaign, which is ‘MAD’ (Make a Different). The reason why is because the title ‘Tree Huggers’ has no relation with our campaign. The group did not like my title of ‘It Works’. Arthur stated ‘ it was offensive because it turns human beings into tools.’

Egija created a number of logos for us to choose, as a group we came down to the choice of two logos which were

Picture 1:

Make a Different

Picture 2:


Most people in the group wanted picture 1 to be our logo but Arthur preferred picture 2. Arthur mentions he didn’t like the fist logo because the M has a hole in the middle. To this comment Egija replied it relates to gun crime, Jason stated it looks sporty and aggress to Egija comment about the gun crime. For this Arthur agrees we can use picture 1 but is not happy with the situation.

What has to be done for next week:

Egija will contact Aga for the time slot to present our campaign

Jason will start creating the leaflets

Rochelle will do week 19 minutes and make a Facebook page for our campaign

Arthur will make a power point for our presentation

Ali will edit the research by adding more information and try and contact people who have done the Tag programme.

Kadilan will research youth centre for us to present our campaign and also post up week 17 minutes

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