Students in the seminar- Natasha M, Natasha C, Libby, Inga and Albertina

What was discussed in the seminar-

  • We brainstormed possible names for our campaign (eg. Enviro Girls, Enviro World )
  • Looked at logo's that we could use for our campaign
  • Allocated tasks for each individual to do, like creating a twitter, facebook group etc.
  • Decided to have a group meeting in addition to the Tuesday meetings, as there is only five weeks left to work on this.

Week 19 updateEdit

Thursday 10th of March we had another campaign meeting to clarify some details.
Students in meeting: Natasha M, Natasha C, Libby, Inga and Albertina

What was discussed on the meeting:

  • Name of group
  • Logo
  • Financial support
  • How we will do the campaigning

What was decided in the meeting:

  • Our campaign is called "Bag a brighter future"
  • Our logo will be a tree symbolising the brighter future and a better environment
  • Suggestion to logo will be made by next meeting
  • Financial form nearly filled out, will be sent by next meeting
  • We will make a Twitter account, Facebook group, Facebook event, and a petition we will make people sign.
  • Letter to MP's, first draft done by next meeting
  • By next meeting, figure out how much campaign materials will cost (leaflets, posters, cloth-bags with our logo on etc.)

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