During our meeting in the seminar we discussed – how we will make the film for our campaign. We decided to have different shots of the photos (taken by Alex) of random female students supporting our idea to raise awareness of cervical cancer. We will also include signs of facts we found on Cervical Cancer. Alex and Georgina met on Wednesday to discuss how and where the campaigns video will be made which we are planning to produce in the next week.

Alex has recently made a date (Tuesday 15/3/11) for the filming of our campaign.

Alex, Georgina, Lesa and Danika also discussed how our wiki page needed a lot of work. We all assigned ourselves to upload the research we had found on Cervical Cancer including charities we have contacted and other resources, background research on why we decided to chose Cervical Cancer for our campaign and improve the general outlook of our wiki site.

Lesa has continued the work on the poster. Our logo is finished created and designed by Alex. We have decided to go for pinks as it is a feminine colour we have decided that the logo will be put on the poster along with quotes found by Danika to help inform viewers on the risks of Cervical Cancer.

Our Facebook page is also being designed this week to get friends and family involved in our campaign. We decided this will help to raise awareness as everyone uses Facebook. There will be links to our wiki site so group members can get a clearer understanding of our campaign. This Facebook group will be sent out to friends and family of all of our group members and also posted on the Middlesex University Facebook group page so other students can get involved with our campaign too.

Lesa has also talked to a Doctor who has agreed to be included in our short film, to discuss some facts and figures of the dangers of Cervical Cancer. This may help viewers to see how serious Cervical Cancer is from a professional point of view.

Individual work to be done by next week –

Danika and Georgina – Upload research, quotes and websites on Cervical Cancer onto our Wiki page.

Alex – Upload reasons for choosing cervical cancer on our wiki page.

Lesa – to continue working on our poster by putting our logo and facts on it.

Justin and Amal – to work on how the posters will be printed and where they should go.

Minutes were done and uploaded by Danika Breheny

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