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Week 18 Minutes by Joseph and Hawa

Meeting held on 25th February







  • Everyone to continue with work discussed from proir meeting during reading week.
  • Hawa and Andie did a Flyer and Poster for the teenagers and parents and teachers.
  • Hawa and Andie looked for different websites that we could possibly order T-shirts from. Hawa found a good Tshirt website
  • Hawa designed T-shirts, the website didnt seem to work when we wanted to print screen, we found many different faults, Andie contacted Zena and Zena said she could ask her brother to help print the Tshirts.
  • Joeseph was doing questionaires for the students that we would be visiting after reading week.
  • Ontonye worked on his task from last week,

Zena was sick but still had input in the meeting as she helped with the Tshirt.