In attendance: Liberty, Ingeborg, Manvi, Albertina

Points discussed:

  • The research we have found
  • A name for our campaign, by Friday name has to be decided so we can design logo.
  • Richard George attended the seminar and gave us some inspiration and ideas.
  • Discussed what our goals for the campaign will be. We figured out that we want the government to make the carrier bag agreement compulsory for all shops, instead of just having the shops that volunteer.
  • Discussed different campaigning strategies. (Write the MP's, make people write the MP's, maybe have a event, make people angry and inspired to do what we do, ban plastic bags.)

Actions decided:

Our main goal will be to make "The carrier bag agreement compulsory. We want to make something happen, hopefully make a politician sign a pledge. If we had longer time to campaign we would have as a goal that the law would be changed by 2012, and by 2015 all plastic bags would be banned.

For next week we need to come to the meeting with the following:

  • A name and logo for the campaign
  • Do research on how to contact MP's
  • Do research on how to make a politicia sign a pledge
  • Check into what Marks and Spencer has done for this cause
  • Make a Facebook group and/or Twitter account
  • Finish application for the 200 pound funding


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