Group members: Natalie Manu, Pierre-Olivier Lebon, Lisa Kajue, Natasha Minto, Gabriele Dovidauskyte.

Present: Natalie Manu, Pierre-Olivier Lebon, Natasha Minto, Gabriele Dovidauskyte.

Absent: Lisa Kajue.

Points discussed during the meetingEdit

  • We revised our campaign according to the new information that has been given to us by the two last guest speakers in the lecture.

Their own websites can be found here: Climate Rush and Plane Stupid.

From there we decided that only one event (expected to be in a college with a guest speaker) would not be enough and should take more actions.

  • We contacted (e-mails) schools in order to get an appointment and do our awarness raising event to a class. Here is the list of the schools we are trying to get in touch with:
  1. Hornsey School for Girls
  2. Alexandra Park School
  3. Fortismere
  4. Gladesmore community School
  5. Greig City Academy
  6. Park View School
  • A poster/logo was designed to create flyers (to be distributed in order to bring people to join our facebook group and get to know more about our campaign), a leaflet (that should be available on our wiki from the next week),...
  • We organized an event on the pancake day (8th of March): we will give away free pancakes, explain to people what our campaign is about and get them to vote on the next referendum (5th of May).
  • Our questionnaire will be revised to make a document for that referendum day so we can get feedback from people at the polling stations (we have to decide which ones we should spot).

Roles for this weekEdit

Everyone has to come up with ideas for the next meeting so we can plan dates and places for our next actions.

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