This week we finally bucked up our ideas and started putting them in action. We decided on various ideas such as the final output of the logo, video scenes in the final film as well as individual tasks to glue all of this together.

Georgina and Danika met up on wednesday and put some facts and quotes onto A2 pink card with thick black writing. All ready for filming next week! :)

Here's some of the most important facts and quotes they found..

Cervical cancer is the 12th most common cancer, however is the 2nd most common cancer in women under 35.

Every year 50 people under 25 are diagnosed with cervical cancer and 5 die.

In 2007 cervical cancer caused the death of 941 women in the UK.

Around 2,800 new cases of cervical cancer is diagnosed in the UK each year.

"If cervical cancer is diagosed from an early stage there is a good chance of a cure"

All women from 25-64 are eligable for a free cervical screening test every 3-5 years.

Older girls who have not recieved the HPV vaccine can get it from their local doctors surgery.

Over 1000 women die from cervical cancer each year in the UK. HPV vaccination aims to save up to 400 lives a year.

"A smear test only takes 10 minutes of your life" - Jade Goody

"Jade Goody made me realise anyone can get cancer from such an early age" - Angie Atter

Me (Amal) i'm charge of the music which we will be using as well as beginning to edit some footage from online and some recorded by the group as well as inputting all the images Alex has been taking.

Alex, Georgina, Lisa and Danika's photoshoot went great, we now have our final posters which are to be printed

Also Alex had a great idea of gathering loads of images of random people holding up a love hearted shaped fingers which we will also be using for our video.

Justin is in charge of getting some people to say what they think about cervical cancer and how important it is to have those jabs especially for younger woman in our university.

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our campaign poster - not the final image

Lisa's amazing photography came out awesomely. so we are kinda ready now to put everything together.

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