KadilancollierMDX 11:41, May 1, 2011 (UTC) Week 16 Minutes

Who attended the seminar: Ali, Artur, Egija, Jason, Kadilan (our new member: welcome :), Rochelle

Next Week: The group will continue the research on TAG as well as consider checking out other organizations that have similar aims.

Issue and aim of campaign: Ali suggested that we should meet with a person(or two) who had received help from TAG. All members found this would be vital information to our campaign research. Artur proposed creating a logo, a slogan/motto and taking a group photo.

Rochelle was planning to call TAG and ask them several questions but the call was posponed to another date due to the possibility of unchecked information which could be on TAG website. The rest of the group was thinking about questions which we would ask TAG.

Kadilan needs to catch up on our group minutes and research TAG independently!

How to campaign: Phone TAG, ask them about details(how they started of etc...) and about other organizations, start creating a logo, come up with a good catchy motto, do more research.

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