Week 16 In this week seminar, we finally came up with the idea for our company. Last week we have already decided to do something with cleaning environment, unfortunatelly we did not know which area to clean.

Environment Image
*However, today Martyna suggested to focus on cleaning the Snakes Lane street which is full of rubbish.

The reason why we decided to focus on this area is because we want to start from small things.

  • Onute has suggested the idea, that our group should show other students how it is important to recycle rubbish and keep our surrounding tidy, by making posters.
  • Ana suggested to make a photo of Snakes Lane street, which we would upload on WIKI page.
  • Arturas offered to creat a logo for our compain.

We have also decided to cooperate with Enfield Council and ask for their support : provide us with recycling containers, gloves other necessary equipment.

So our purpose for the next week is to make some more research about other companies which could support us, make logo, but most importantly to come up with the NAME of the compaign and complete the dossier document about our compaign.

Onute 20:08, February 15, 2011 (UTC)

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