Monday 14th February

Present: Georgina Baker, Trine Lise Ryen, Aleksandra Klicka, Danika Breheny

Absent: Amal Omar, Justin Cuthbertson

We firstly discussed the progress we had made since last week.

Lisa has arranged for 'SuperStar Magazine' to cover the campaign. She also has someone from Britain's Next Top Model lined up to model for the campaign.

I (Georgina) had gathered some information about cervical cancer and found examples of promotional material other charities used.

We then discussed researching at Cat Hill and Hendon with questionnaires for students. However we dropped this idea due to later deciding primary research wasn't necessary.

Leaflets and posters were discussed and we agreed that we needed to organise a photo-shoot of the model to start the design of these. Danika agreed to asking a friend to help with make-up for the photoshoot.

For next week:

Lisa: Organising photo-shoot with model

Danika: Finding facts and research for poster and leaflets

Aleks: Designing logo

Georgina: Getting quotes for printing of posters and leaflets etc.

Amal: Research campaign videos

Justin: Research campaign videos

GeorginaBakerMDX 20:57, February 15, 2011 (UTC)