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Week 15 Minutes

Who attended in seminar: Ali, Arthur, Egija, Jason, Rochelle

Next Week: The group will discuss all the research about TAG and the improvements on our Wiki page. As well we will bring improved ideas of how we can realise our campaign and think about best effective methods which will progress our work.

Final Initial Campaign idea:

  • TAG - Transforming a generation

Issue and aim of campaign: To promote and inform audience aged 18 - 25 the TAG offers. This help centre is provided to help young people who have dropped out schools/colleges, don’t have work or any qualification to get the job they want and the qualification over 6 months. We want to bring the awareness of these centres and to teach/tell people who don’t know about them that there is always to get somewhere in life.

How to campaign: Create leaflets, post on blogs and websites the links, make posters, go to youth centres and talk to people, make it more well known. Other Campaign Ideas discussed in seminar:

  • protect the endangered animals

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