Group members: Natalie Manu, Pierre-Olivier Lebon, Lisa Kajue, Natasha Minto, Gabriele Dovidauskyte.

Present: Natalie Manu, Pierre-Olivier Lebon, Natasha Minto, Gabriele Dovidauskyte.

Absent: Lisa Kajue.

Points discussed during the meetingEdit

  • Ideas and information pooling (how to vote in the UK, basics of the parliamentary system, school regulation for the presentation,...).
  • Research dossier (the tasks - research and writing - have been divided between the present members). Individual work will be merged all together during next week meeting in order to start the proper research dossier file.
  • Time management and deadlines (we decided provisional deadlines for the tasks and we started planning our event).
  • Make a survey (we will come up with questions next week in order to create a survey that will allow us to have a clearer understanding of people's perception of politics and vote - during the campaign planning and the day of the event).

Roles for this weekEdit

Natalie - Part 4 of the research dossier

Olivier - Part 2 of the research dossier

Gabriele - Part 1 of the research dossier

Natasha - Part 3 of the research dossier

All - Questions for the making of a questionnaire.


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