Week 15 – Meeting Minutes CCC

We met an hour before seminar. We decided to use name CCC – Cervical Cancer Campaign.

We decided that firstly we have to do research in Trent Park, Cat Hill and Hendon.

Questions for research:

1. Name

2. Age

3. Did you have a vaccination for cervical cancer?

4. If yes:

a) How old were you?

b) How much did you pay?

5. If not:

a) Do you want to have one?

b) If yes, how much are you willing to pay for it?

After research we will make a short film about cervical cancer and upload it on

Then we will create facebook group with link to the film.

After that we print posters with links to the facebook group and the film.

Justin will fill out papers to get money for printing posters, buying T-shirts and badges.

By next meeting we all try to find some information about cervical cancer (how many women have got it, how many women die every year because of it etc.) We all will think about more questions for our research. We will also try to contact with charities to ask them for some posters and leaflets we can use during our campaign.

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