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Apologies: None

Points Discussed:

This week, we discussed on how to name our campaign as we had to set up our Wiki page, and we came up with Alcohol Aware, short yet bold. This is the name that we will use throughout the campaign. We are still in discussion about our slogan and logo.

  • Self experiments on Alcohol.
  • Peer pressure and the fashion of drinking.
  • Why do we drink?
  • Getting our point across: Using social networking sites i.e. twitter, facebook. Handing out leaflets and questionnaires. Using Radio and other medias such as Youtube to create videos for easy access.
  • Alcohol Prices (Units)
  • The girl with the first UK national drinking ban (bbc3)
  • People needing alcohol to have a good time
  • Alcohol lead to bad situations such as sexual health, violence, depression etc.
  • Booze Bus
  • Alcohol in different cultures
  • AA meetings
  • The way that Alcohol is advertised on television
  • Drink Driving
  • How long alcohol takes to leave the system
  • Pilot who went to jail
  • Where people drink, clubs, home etc
  • Visit homeless shelters and talk to homeless people
  • Video diaries

Actions Decided:

  • Rochelle: Write this weeks minutes. Research AA meetings.
  • Kelsey: Looking at true life stories and look at how the media glamourises alcohol eg. skins.
  • Kadine: Alcohol units and the prices of alcohol.
  • Chimere: Creating questionnaire and finding out if we can use the university radio station.
  • Rejoice: Awareness @ the university campus
  • Clio: youtube videos and the effect of alcohol on the body

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