•Sample Minutes •Minutes for Global Warming Campaign Group •Meeting 1 - 11th January 2010•Present: Ben Little, Irem Inceoglu, Aga Jedrzejczyk •Apologies: Ginnie Crisp•Key Discussion Points and Decisions:•All agreed to campaign on global warming•Target - Local or Global? To be decided next week after research into other current campaigns (Action – Irem + post on wiki)•Research dossier – gather useful research reports - post on wiki (Aga)•Look for specific targets both global and local – post on wiki (Ben)•Organise wiki structure (Ginnie)•Other notes: If Ginnie is not happy with task set, others will do it collectively and different work will be assigned to Ginnie next week when present (Ben to call and check with Ginnie).•Next week’s meeting agenda:•Decide specific target (looking at other campaigns and research)•Group Name•Allocate more specific detailed research tasks (including research into target)•Methods brainstorm

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