Week 14 - Meeting Minutes

After completing our group we then discussed the idea for our campaign, which had already been thought up by Lise and Alex. The intial idea was that we should campaign of the unfairness of students having to pay the full price of the vaccination costs for Cervical Cancer.

It was then suggested that for research purposes we should carry out a survey around the University to women of all different ages to find out weather they have already had it done and if they had paid for it, weather they would have it done, how they feel about paying for the vaccination and how much they would be willing to pay if they were to.

This was followed by ideas to create a video that could be uploaded to youtube and a poster in order to raise awareness.

The conversation then moved towards the fact that we should begin our campaign with raising awaress and trying to encourage young women to have the vaccination and then later on including our appeal for students to have to contriubte a smaller payment.

A suggestion that Jade Goody should be used for iconic value within our campaign was agreed by the group as she had died from Cervical Cancer in 2009 and had acheived a great deal in raising awareness.

Finally it was decided that Justin would write and upload our Metting Minutes to the Wiki Page. Written by: Justin Cuthbertson

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