Tehreem Z. Mehdi 21:12, February 8, 2011 (UTC)Present:

Sopie Doffou, Laura Jayne Mole, Tehreem Z. Mehdi, Gabriela Szpunar and Naima Elmi

Aim of campaign:

To increase the age sex education is being taught at primary schools in London.

Actions & Tactics disscussed in todays meeting:

Different methods we could start the campaign were,

  • Speaking to parents asking them on their views of this matter, the religious aspect and if their local schools are respecting that.
  • Talking to teenagers who were taught this subject early, if they thought it was suitable and did it cloud their judgement on certain things growing up. (aged between 12-15)

Things to do for next meeting:

  • Research the facts relating to teenage pregnancy and sex education being taught at schools.
  • Read about opposing views on this topic.
  • Find some religious aspects.
  • Research about child psychology.

Next meeting:

08/02/2011 in the seminar room at 4pm


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