MCS1000: Breast Cancer Campaign

Meeting Minutes

28th March 2011


Today was our presentation day at 13:10 in our MCS1000 lecture. We met up one hour early to talk about what should be said in the presentation, went over the slides and got the final flyers presented by Ana. We also printed out sign up sheets for women who would like to get checked up on our event day which is happening next week hopefully on monday the 4th of April.


Sharon Legae (SL) Maurhys Phillips (MP) Natalie Christodoulou (NC) Ana Ayala (AA)

Assignments for the next meeting:

Our next Meeting is going to be the actual even day, so the Assignment will be to prepare everything to have an awesome day. We still need to find a nurse that is willing to come in to check up girls. Natalie is going to prepare the cupcakes for the event.


Meeting took place in the computer room and Bevan Hall in middlesex university (Trent Park Campus) from 12pm-1:20pm

Next Meeting date:

Monday 4th of April time to be confirmed at (Trent Park Campus)

Minutes submitted by: Sharon Legae

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