Meeting Minutes

24th January 2011


The initial meeting of the ADHD campaign was called to order at 17:00 on 24/01/11 in Mansion building by the group.


Ana Ayala (AA) Venetia Hylton (VH) Joanna Eluka (JE) Sharon Legae (SL) Maurhys Phillips (MP) Natalie (NC) Sasha Manley

A. Approval of Agenda [1]EditEdit

No Agenda set, First meeting.

B. Approval of Minutes[2]EditEdit

No previous minutes, first meeting C. New Business NC: What is our campaign issue?


NC: Aim of campaign

MP: Raise awareness for those

NC: (Reads Planning of campaign)

SM: Can we not just raise awareness

NC: Or influence parents to stop using drugs

SM: For that we would need to do extensive research on the effects of Drugs and the alternative.

AA: It is different between social hierarchy, some one better off may be able to afford alternative treatments, where as others may not. Maybe it is better to focus on the long term

JE: but alternatives could be simple things such as diet.

AA: W e also should look at who benefits from the drugs, the pharmaceutical companies make money.

NC: Are they not controlled by the government?

AA: there has to be another way, we need to research this

NC: Should we split the research so we don’t all do the same thing

SM: I would like to do an overall brief… like summaries what it is ect.

AA: I want to look at the history

VH: im interested in the drugs

JE: Ill review the alternatives

SL: Statistics on illness, increases decreases ect. Are we looking internationally or just here

SM: I think we should focus on here for now

MP:Case Study

NC:Ill look at the education for children with the disorder.

MP: The BBC are a good source, as are sky news

JE: what about the NHS?

SM: What Skills does everyone have?

AA JE SM : design skills

MP: Collating information

VH: Publicity

SL: uni Radio contacts

MP: we could contact uni newspapers

SM: were not targeting students, Local papers would be better.

AA: Myself my sister and my dad have add, I think its inherited and is definitely better when the parent understands… The Government should put in schools people who are trained to deal with adhd children, without drugs.

SM: Going forward we will all bring research to our meeting next week

D. Agenda for Next Meeting Reasearch




Meeting was adjourned at 17:30. The next general meeting will be at 15:30 on 31/01/11 in Library

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