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Campaign meeting on 21.03.2011 at 3.30- 4.30

People present: Katarzyna Wojtunik, Cody Mcghee, Tom Barnes, Aaron Davis, Margeri Ottis, Ebrahim Parkar

Key points and discussion:

  • We put in place our presentation date and discussed who are presenting our camapign. We decided they would be Margeri and Ebrahim.
  • We came to idea to interview and visite a gang member, who is at the moment in Wandsworth prison. It would be interesting and truthful experience to get to know more about gangs and their background.
  • Tom showed us black&white and also in colour version of flayers. They look really good and everybody is pleased.
  • We were talking about schools where to go to have our event. We still havnt found anyone who would allowe us to keep our campaign presentation. But we try more.
  • We changed our questionnaire questions.

For next week :

  • Ebrahim is doing Minutes Week 13
  • Margeri is doing Minutes Week 21
  • Tom and Aaron are printing out flayers
  • Tom is doing and printing out posters
  • We all are handing out flayers
  • Cody is handing out questionnaires
  • Margeri corrects Research dossier
  • Ebrahim and Margeri is preparing presentation
  • Katarzyna is doing Powerpoint
  • Ebrahim is calling to schools to ask permission for our campaign presentation

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