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Campaign meeting on 14.03.2011 at 3.30- 4.30

People present: Katarzyna Wojtunik, Margeri Ottis

Absent: Ebrahim Parkar, Cody Mcghee, Tom Barnes, Aaron Davis

Key points and discussion:

  • We discussed what to talk in next week Presentation and how should we do it.
  • We decide to have a meeting tomorrow at 3.30pm and finish properly our Research Dossier.
  • We were thinking about our event in schools and aslo discussed which schools to go and how to present our campaign there.
  • We were talking about flayers printing and handing out.

For next week:

  • We all are doing research dossier on Tuesday
  • Finally deciding our name and logo.
  • Choosing out our best flayers and posters.
  • Tom and Aaron are printing out flayers and posters.
  • Margeri is printing out questionnaires.
  • Margeri, Katarzyna and Cody are puting posters on visible places.
  • Ebrahim, Aaron, Tom, Margeri, Katarzyna and Cody are handing out flayers.
  • Ebrahim and Cody are givin out questionnairies in seminars.
  • Katarzyna is doing facebook page and myspace page.
  • Katarzyna is doing last week minutes Week18
  • Margeri is doing minutes Week19
  • Ebrahim is doing minutes Week14

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Margeri Ottis 23:19, March 15, 2011 (UTC)

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KatarzynaWojtunikMDX 23:15, March 15, 2011 (UTC)