In Attendence: Rejoice, Rochelle, Kadine, Chimere

Absent: Kelsey, Clio

Our Main Focus:

  • Increasing public awareness on alcohol consumption, through the use of; leaflets, flyers and possibly a petition after we have established our campaign to the public.
  • Also we would like to introduce a new policy, concerning the BarN14 in the Student Union, for a later opening time-( possibly around 1-2pm instead of 10am).

How would we want our win to look like: Overall at the end of this campaign, we wish to increase the awareness of alcohol consumption and also the dangers too much can lead to. Also we hope to be on the path of changing the policy of the Student Bar, to a later opening time.

Points Discussed:

  • Changing the way people think towards alcohol.
  • Policy to introduce alcohol awareness in schools for under 16s
  • Try to get into contact with either the head of Student Union or try to contact the head of education, here on in Middlesex Uni, to help get them on board with our ideas.
  • Possibly trying to get our campaign across on MUD Radio, so more people will acknowledge our issues of what we are trying to achieve.
  • Thinking of applying for the Volunteering Programme- to get extra funding to help with our campaign eg. money for leaflets to be made, T-Shirts maybe? etc.

Actions: We want to start drawing up a plan to design and produce leaflets to distribute around the Uni, so people can be aware of our campaign.

KadineAllmanMDX 11:11, February 22, 2011 (UTC)