In Attendence: Rejoice, Rochelle, Kadine, Chimere

Absent: Kelsey, Clio

Our Main Aim:

  • Increasing the public awareness of alcohol consumption, through the use of leaflets, flyers and possibly a petition after we have established our campaign to the public.
  • Introducing a new policy concerning the BarN14 in the Student Union,( to possibly putting in a later opening time of around 1-2pm instead of 10am) To help reduce the amount of alcohol being consumed on campus, too early in the morning.

Points Discussed:

  • Changing the way people think towards alcohol.
  • Policy to introduce alcohol awareness in schools for under 16s. Possibly writing a letter to a school informing them of our plans and aims, hoping they may jump on board to try help.
  • Try to contact either the head of Student Union or try to contact the head of Education here in Middlesex Uni, through email or letter?
  • Possibly getting our campaign across on the MUD Radio, for bigger exposure, and explain what our issues and aims are going to be and what we hope to achieve.
  • Also thinking of applying for the the Volunteering Programme for extra money with funding to help with the campaign eg. money to produce leaflets, Tshirts? etc.

Actions: We want to start designing and producing leaflets and flyers to distribute around the University, informing people about our campaign (putting the word out).

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