Campaign meeting on 21.02.2011 at 3.30- 4.30

People present: Katarzyna Wojtunik, Cody Mcghee, Tom Barnes, Aaron Davis, Margeri Ottis

Apologies: Ebrahim Parkar

Key points and discussion:

  • We changed our campaign theme. Now it will be about Gangs and Knives. It is about stopping and being against young people to get into gangs in London. Therefore this new name: "Stop young people to get into gangs in London!" There is so much gangs in London and action/crime caused by them. So we though it is really interesting issue. As young people yourself we felt responsible to do something about it. We are going to research that, make a conclusion and work with it as our campaign.
  • We changed our campaign theme quite late, so that´s why we had to do all this work what should been done for now. That means, that we discussed all key points and gave everyone lot to do, to get on the track.
  • Cody had already search some research what she is going to upload in our wiki page, plus she still going to do that for next week.
  • We were discussing about new Logo, what is going to be ready for end of this week.
  • Also we were thinking some slogans what we could use.
  • Talked how flayers/posters should look like. And where we going to pass out flayers and show posters.
  • Also we came up for an idea to make a questionnaires. One set for students and second set for teachers. Students can answer in writing and teachers we are interview. From that information we can make our own statistic. We want to divide these questionnaires in as many schools as possible, plus make it in online.
  • We decided to make a facebook page for our campaign to get more people involved with this campaign. Also give them more information about gangs and knives in this website.
  • We were thinking how to capture our campaign work, to show it later in raport. One possibility was video clip plus of course pictures.

For next week:

  • Cody is doing deeper research about gangs, so we can be more clear what exactly is this. Plus she´s going to search out 6 documentaries about gangs.
  • Everybody has to watch at least one of documentariess.
  • Katarzyna is making facebook page. And looking for other people to join.
  • Margeri is writing Minutes of Week17 and writing questions to questionnaires.
  • Aaron is creating our logo and makes up couple of slogans/statements. Plus changing our old name to new one in wiki page.
  • Tom is creating flayers/posters. Design, colour, statement.
  • Ebrahim is writing Minutes of Week14 and explore if there is any possibility to make a video clip about our campaign (involving real life at streets, action in our doings and people)

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