Campaign meeting on 14. 02. 2011 at 3.30- 4.30

People present: Margeri Ottis, Katarzyna Wojtunik, Tom Barnes, Aaron Davis, Cody Mcghee, Ebrahim Parkar Apologies: None

Key points and discussion:

  • Looked up our research
  • We changed a littlebit our campaign theme. Now is about rising the awareness about other cultures. London is multicultural city, so there is good opportunity to get to know people from other culture. Knowing with who we are living here in London together can make us more tolerant and broad-minded.
  • Still the topic of this campaing would stay about anti-facism and racism, but we are taking diffrent culture as an angel from this theme.
  • Discussed how our Logo should look like
  • Discussed how to flayer should look like and what could be the slogans. There was some ideas like "Care more with whom u live"; "Be aware of others", but we agreed to think about them for next week.
  • We came to an idea to have a online questions in internet. Send the questions for diffrent people for them to answer how they feel and think about other cultures. And than use these answers later for statistics.
  • Then we decided to interview random people in the street and videotape them, to use it later in the movie, what we are making for our camapign report. We discussed interview questions and decided to edit them later on here in wikipage.

For next week:

  • Everybody are making a logo draft to bring it with for next week.
  • Edit and confirm interview and online-inqury questions
  • Think about some interesting slogans/statements
  • Ebrahim is editing Minutes in Week 14
  • Kataryna is editing Minutes in Week 15
  • Thinking more opportunities to bring the campaign in more action

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