OdetaKosteckaiteMDX 20:04, February 14, 2011 (UTC)WEEK 15 MINUTES

People Present:
Sandra Bialik, Gregory Anderson, Thea Softing, Zameena Sachedina, Diana Mukovnikova, Odeta Kosteckaite and Ochieng Maddo

What we discussed: - We found out our name (PolitiCAN) and slogan (YOUth can make a change). Thea will make a logo for next time
- We discussed that we need to find a specific goal/aim, but will figure this out once we have done all our research
- We went over how to use wikis for those that were confused, and how to credit pictures that we take and put on our wiki
- We went over everyones research and papers that they were supposed to do this week
- We figured out what we need to do for research and gave everyone a job for next week

What we need to do for next week:
o Greg- write about youth in the media and how they are portrayed, set up twitter and e-mail
o Sandra- write about the age group we’re focusing on, and why it’s important for them to know more about politics
o Odeta- Read through Radical Future and take notes on anything that might be helpful
o Diana- Research and write about that the government is sending students to study in New Zealand where it’s free (?)
o Zameena- Write about how it’s impossible to pay back uni fees after next year (how much money it would end up being with interest) and more about student protest/uni cuts
o Maddo- Write about statistics about anything politic related you can find
o Thea- Find out who our “enemies” are and what their focuses are within politics (older people?) and start website


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