Campaign meeting on 07.02.2011 at 3.30- 4.30

People present: Katarzyna Wojtunik, Cody Mcghee, Tom Barnes, Aaron Davis, Ebrahim Parkar

Apologies: Margeri Ottis

Key points and discussion:

  • We discussed our researches, what may be relevant and useful.
  • We discussed for what information we should still research.
  • We shared and discussed some new ideas how our compaign should look like in general.
  • We raised idea of flyers we could promote our campaign. We assumed that their design should be eye catchy, not just with some boring information/datas.
  • We talked about the racist demonstration which took place in Luton on 05.02.
  • We raised an issue of Unite Against Fascism - organisation against The BNP.

For next week:

  • Everyone is still researching about the topics they got. All researches need to be ready for the next meeting.
  • Still think about some ideas for our campaign while researching.
  • Think about flyers' design.
  • Edit our wikipage.

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