Campaign meeting on 31.01.2011 at 3.30- 4.30

No more hate

People present: Margeri Ottis, Katarzyna Wojtunik, Tom Barnes, Aaron Davis, Cody Mcghee, Ebrahim Parkar

Basic campaign ideas being discussed:

  • We discussed what could be our campaign about. There was lot of different opinions.
  • Margeri and Katarzyna thought it could be something environmental, like saving planet, recycling, rubbish etc. They are nowadays issues and really popular. Katarzyna thought we could ask questions from bigger group of people, like: (what do you think: do we need to save our planet(energy, water)? -do u know what people can do about this? -what do U personally DO?)
  • Cody was also up to something what is really general and modern like binge drinking, energy saving etc.
  • Ebrahim came to an idea to do campaign about fascism and racism, pointing out national discrimination and how serious issue it is.
  • And Tom came to an idea to do campaign about against the vat rise from 17.5 to 20%.
  • At the end of the seminar we decided for topic “Young people and politics” .
  • And we thought to do our campaign about fascism and racism, because it is really interesting and today´s big problem.

For next week:

  • Everybody is thinking a name for our campaign.
  • Everybody is doing research about the issue.
  • Everybody is looking for sites and links what is relevant to campaign issue.
  • Katarzyna is doing our campaign site in facebook.

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