To raise awareness of our campaign we plan to hold a demonstration handing out merchandise and cupcakes around the university campus.

What needs to be done:






-Big banner with logo



Our demonstration:

Attendance: Dana, Belina, Sonia

BelinaJuggapahMDX 00:19, April 11, 2011 (UTC) SoniaIslamMDX 19:18, April 11, 2011 (UTC)

To raise awareness we planned a group demonstration to help make more people aware of our cause. We decided that we would hand out our merchandise that we had hand made to spread our name of our camapign.

We thought as it was the end of college and schools on the day we chose,from personal expirience the majority of students usually end up in shopping centres to buy food or shop. We managed to find a number of school and college students who seemed interested in what we had to say. The leaflets,cupcakes,posters,badges,pencils,bilboards and collage intrigued many passers by who agreed with our campaign and thought ema shouldnt be cut.

A few pictures from our day of demonstrating and the process.