The minute 7/03/2011

Present: Jipsa , Minh Thuy Bui , Lauren

Absent: Gordon, aniella , Tonjie


1/ We are going to give a 3 minute presentation (no more than 3 or 4 slides)

2/ We must create our own logo for recycling. The image of the earth is not accepted because we copy it from the internet. Bring your idea about logos to wikia or net meeting.

3/ We need a banner for our group. And we can stand behind our banner and take picture outside the house.

4/ We need to create a pamphlet. The first page can be our logo, slogan, flyer… And then it can be our picture with testimonials. Therefore, everyone must bring a testimonial about how you think about recycling or why you are participating on this campaign.

5/ We may need T-shirt and Jipsa will find out how much does it cost to have a T-shirt with our logo printed on it.

6/ It is important for all to go to our next meeting.


Handout on seminar: