Inspiring week 17! It has been amazing week for Pivot team. We got response and promise to collaborate from Wood Green animal shelter. We have launched a website - - a lot of useful information about animal shelters and situation of homeless animals in London, direct links to donate money etc.

After being visited by mister Richard (who happens to be professional campaigner!), The Pivot team feels very inspired and (even more) willing to work and change the world!

This week:

  • Create a website (
  • Decided what is the 'Successful Finish Point' for The Pivot team
  • Started survey about donations (via website)
  • Created model of leaflets (and got some amazing advices from mister Richard)
  • Started collaboration with Wood Green animal shelter

TautvydasGaudesiusMDX 16:50, February 24, 2011 (UTC)

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